Cimarron Praise is a new start church and part of the United Methodist Church. 

We believe the basic themes that run through the entire Biblical story and the core values of the Christian faith are God’s unconditional love and justice for all of us and the call for each of us to embody this in our own lives.   Our commitment to unconditional love means that we welcome and affirm ALL people. Yes, we mean all races, nationalities, ages, genders, marital states, and sexual orientations.  We mean the rich, the poor, the brilliant, the ignorant, the irreverent, the powerful, the homeless, the disabled, the uneducated, the illiterate, the religious, the mentally ill, the beautiful, the ugly, the average and the merely above average. The list is long but when we say "ALL people", we mean everyone and that includes you.

1. God. We believe that God is the creator and sustainer of the universe. We believe that God loves all persons.

2. Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus Christ was God in human form. We believe that Jesus Christ died on a cross for us and our sins. We believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead and his resurrection allows us to have life after death. He said, "Because I live, you will live also."

3. Holy Spirit. We believe that God's Spirit is with us on earth. The Holy Spirit guides us to God and nudges us to grow in faith.

4.  Grace. Grace is undeserved, unmerited love of God through the ever present Holy Spirit. In spite of suffering, violence, and evil, we proclaim that God’s grace is ever present everywhere. Despite our brokenness, we remain creatures of a loving Creator. God receives us, calls us to repentance, pardons us, and gives us hope all by grace.

5.  Scripture. The Holy Bible is our primary source for Christian doctrine and we profess the Christian faith as contained in the Old and New Testaments.

OUR MISSION is the making of disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.